Wild Life

Wild Life Description

We live in a mad universe… indescribably vast… full of wonders… and terrors. And amidst all the chaos, sometimes things even turn out.. sexy! Play as one of many possible characters, female, male*, or creature* and fight and fuck your way through a wild experience. Our story plays on a small and rather unknown planet called K’apal. Only a few civilized humans have ever ventured here, some miners guilds to claim the precious rare minerals that can be found here, scientists studying the natives and the flora and fauna. And also raiders and poachers trying to make a fortune selling rare creatures to rich and eccentric collectors and off-world beast arenas.

*3D game with a lot of furry, monsters, futa, lesbian and gay sex.

Game Information

Release Date: 24 June, 2022
Developer: Adeptus Steve
Version: Patreon Build 24.06.2022
Censored: No
Game Engine: Unreal Engine
Status: Ongoing
Operating System: Windows 64Bit
Language: English


3D Game, 3DCG, Anal Sex, Animated, Combat, Female Protagonist, Furry, Futa/trans, Gay, Group Sex, Lesbian, Male protagonist, Monster, Multiple penetration, Oral sex, Sandbox, Sci-Fi, Tentacles, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex, Virtual reality.

How To Install?

– Extract to the desired location.
– Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

Wild Life Walkthrough & Guide


Windows 7 Workaround:

TL;DR if you get ‘xinput1_4.dll’ error, make a copy of ‘xinput1_3.dll’ in ‘C:\Windows\System32’ and rename it to ‘xinput1_4.dll’.

And if you don’t want to put that ‘xinput1_4.dll’ in your system32 folder, you can put it next to ‘WildLifeC.exe’ or ‘WildLifeC-Win64-Shipping.exe’ instead.

Game Scenes

Download Wild Life

Tip to play the sex animations: select sandbox, press T, spawn characters, then talk to them by pressing E, speak to several characters to play group sex.

– PC/Windows

Unlock Link

Size: 11.96 GB


Patreon 25$ Christmas VR Feature

Size: 390 MB


Everyone Christmas Build

Size: 2.2 GB


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