Wet Summer Days


Wet Summer Days Description:

Spiritual successor of Night Attack ~ In development, bigger project

Game Information:

Release Date: 05 January, 2019
Developer: Rayn
Version: 2.1 (Final)
Censored: Yes
Game Engine: Others
Status: Completed
Operating System: Windows
Language: English


2DCG, Groping, Incest, Japanese Game, Loli, Male Protagonist, Point & Click, Rape, Sleep Sex, Urination.

How To Install?

– Extract to the desired location.
– Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

Note: To change to English– For some reason when Japanese was added it was made the default language, change it to English in the…

Wet Summer Days Install

  1. Go to the main menu.
  2. Click on the third option from top to lower.
  3. and English (Default language is Japanese.)

Wet Summer Days Walkthrough & Guide


Browser Version

Wet Summer Days Hints:

Hints (spoilers!)

– During Drinking Contest wet Mizuki’s clothes by throwing a bottle to her full glass in order to get her to excitement level 2. Then you can touch her under the kotatsu without triggering game over.
– Player can masturbate under the table as well as receive footjob if Mizuki is at excitement level 3.
– Make sure Mizuki is at excitement level 2 or above after the contest in order to trigger her masturbation scene in the bathroom.
– When pee bar fills trigger ecchi scenes by making sure Mizuki is at excitement level 2+.

Controls (LMB = Left Mouse Button):

Drinking Contest
Hold LMB/Z – Hold bottle/glass
Hold RMB/X – Pour water/drink
LMB+RMB/C – Enter throw mode

Peeping Game
Hold LMB/Z – Hide
RMB – Leave

H Events
Hold LMB/Z – Short thrust
Hold RMB/X – Long thrust

Debug keys:

Right/Left – Increase/decrease Mizuki’s excitement; hold shift for player’s
Up/Down – Increase/decrease Mizuki’s bladder; hold shift for player’s
Ctrl+Right/Left – Increase/decrease Mizuki’s affection
Ctrl+Up/Down – Increase/decrease Ecchi Coins
1 – Go to Water Drinking Contest scene
2 – Go to Corridor room, teleport Mizuki to Bathroom
Shift+2 – Go to Living room, teleport Mizuki Outside
Ctrl+2 – Go to Bathroom with Mizuki
3 – Go to Living room at night-time
4 – Go to Town street
0 – Go to Main Menu
F1 – End contest/end countdown
F2 – Cycle Mizuki’s expressions during cutscenes
F3 – Cycle Mizuki’s clothes sets
F11 – Show hide FPS
F12 – Toggle full-screen

Game Scenes:

Download Wet Summer Days

– PC/Windows

Unlock Link

Size: 247 MB


Other all Versions: Click HERE (2.47 GB)

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