Ikusei [M size]

Ikusei [Final] [M size]

The protagonist, who is in the midst of adolescence, was tormented by illicit desires that burned within their chest. They wondered what they were truly seeking. Through interactions…

Homecoming [FapmanProductions]

Homecoming [v1.0] [Fapman Productions]

The story in Homecoming is a botched heist has our hero transformed into a woman by a powerful demon. Not only that he is sent half way across the world. Now he must find a way…

NTR Homestay ANIM teamMM Sex Game

NTR Homestay [Final] [ANIM.teamMM]

The Oosaki family has welcomed several homestay students and now, they are going to accept a long-term one. When the student comes however, it’s a tall and muscular man. But in…

Dropout [Fan no Hitori]

Dropout [Fan no Hitori]

To address the alarming problem of unemployment, a special government program is introduced to conscript so-called “dropouts”—young people who are either unable to find a…

Thirstchasm [Carpetwurm]

Thirstchasm [v3.2] [Carpetwurm]

Rumor has it that lewd things have been going down in an abandoned testing facility, known as the Chasm. Many thrill seekers and exhibitionists have gone missing though, so it may…

The Star Cove Incident [Smiling Dog]

The Star Cove Incident [v1.01] [Smiling Dog]

Star Cove A small fishing town near the sea with an approximate population of 400 people. Live and die by the Sea, at least that’s what the people say about life here. The livelihood…

NTR Policewoman Kaede [OreNoHut]

NTR Policewoman Kaede [v1.02_MOD1] [OreNoHut]

In the near future, a time when special ability users known as mutants exist. A justice-driven young man, “Kent”, works as a member of the Future Special Police, protecting…

The Puppet Show [GonzoStudios] Porn Comic Download

The Puppet Show [Gonzo Studios]

Visit the cursed Toy Store where the toys not only have a life of their own but they play with the shop assistants.​