Fear & Hunger 2: Termina [v1.9.1] [orange~]

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You are only given 3 days to uncover the secrets this wicked land holds within its darkest corners. Among 14 strangers, you find yourself on the outskirts of the backwaters town of Prehevil. A town that still holds tight to its ancient rites and macabre traditions. You are forced to partake in the Festival of Termina, an ominous event that only occurs once in every pale and sickly green moon. A moon that happens to be grinning and watching your every step… There is only one that walks away once the three days are over.

Prequel: Fear & Hunger

Developer Notes:

The game contains scenes of explicit violence and gore. Dismemberment is one of the core mechanics in the game. The game also includes the following: Use of alcohol and drugs, scenes of self-destructiveness from suicide to self-harm, nudity and sexual content.

Themes of depression, mental health, sexual violence, child abuse, war and atrocities that come with it are represented in the game.


  • jRPG x Survival Horror hybrid – A turn-based dismemberment combat system mixed with strategic planning and saving of precious resources.
  • Oppressive and ruthless atmosphere – Fair game design won’t save you here for better and for worse. It is up to the player to survive.
  • Open-ended world – You are given freedom to approach the horrors from the direction you’d best prefer.
  • 3 days to explore – The world changes around you and other characters have their own agendas to pursue depending on the time of day.
  • 8 playable characters to choose from each with their own distinct playstyle and story.
  • Pixel Art x Digital Painting – An unique art style that tries to give at least hints of tranquil beauty in the midst of relentless darkness.
  • Original Soundtrack with a number of atmospheric tracks from Chilly Makes Music along with my ear piercing tracks.

Release Date: 2023-01-31
Developer: orange~ Discord – Itch.io – Twitter – Tumblr
Censored: No
Version: 1.9.1
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, Adventure, Atmospheric, Dark, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Graphic violence, Horror, Male Protagonist, Multiple Protagonist, No Sexual Content, Paranormal, Puzzle, Roguelike, Role Playing, RPG, RPG Maker, Survival, Turn Based Combat


Extract and run.


– Black screen/Invisibility bug when using Bonesaw, Heroin or Suicide fixed
– Chaugnar disappearing from Tunnel 7 fixed (You can find it from the lower levels where the thing jumpscares you)
– Hundreds of passability and minor visual bugs fixed
– Can’t run with only 1 leg anymore
– Other minor typos and bug fixes

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Download for Windows


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